He's done it again
He's done all he can
He's done with everything he's done he's lost another friend
He's done asking why
He's got nothing left to try
He wants to know where friendships go where do they go when they die

there's always been a better way
but now there's nothing left to say
all he could do had been done
the options have been reduced to none

this friendship has met its end
one last goodbye farewell my friend
there's no more room for you in my heart
what's kept us together has torn me apart

the parts were greater than the sum
our heads were wise our hearts were dumb
the bigger we are the harder we fall
a man with a vision will never dream small

the sun always sets
at the end of the day
winter draws near
nothing gold can stay

seasons will pass 
and death will lose its sting
winter melts away 
and turns again to spring
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2008
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics and music by jesse myers 2008