Jesse's Personal Bio
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AFTER THE MOURNING is based in Eugene, Oregon. They will bring a ferocious moshpit to your event, whether they are opening or headlining.
AFTER THE MOURNING wants to come to your town with their No-Holds-Barred, Bare-Knuckle, Tooth-Spitting Hardcore. After the Mourning will deliver the un-spun, unashamed, uneasy truth with a melodic dissonance that can only be described as apocalyptic. The music is passionate and tormented, and the men who play it do so from the passion and torment of their own lives.
AFTER THE MOURNING is not a hobby. This is not a project. This is a band dedicated to devastating the planet with music that is not only loud, but constructed cleverly. After the Mourning is the combined effort of skilled musicians, joining forces to punish the world with our music.
After the Mourning is influenced by every genre there is a classification for, from Beethoven to Blindside, Gershwin to Green Day, Primus to Pantera.
Individual Biographical Pages:
The above Bio is outdated. It was compiled around late 2005. AFTER THE MOURNING went through a series of changes to our lineup, going through several guitarists, three drummers, and two vocalists. As of December 2008, it is just me, Jesse, writing, arranging, and recording new material. Drummers will be brought in for each album, and I will probably end up doing the "vocals" myself, as pathetic as that will be! As soon as the debut album is complete, it will be available on this website, and whenever there is an opportunity for a tour, there will be a new lineup, and probably a new Bio.