rise up stand and run
rise up your time has come
rise up above your fear
rise up your time is here
rise up for what is right
rise up finish the fight
rise up take some pride
it's time to take a side

they're rotting foundations and toppling walls
morality crumbles society falls
the enemy has infiltrated our lines
their doctrine is pleasant seducing our minds
they've won in the media news television
indoctrinating through textbook revision
their dogma rejects what we know to be true
but if you disagree they will crucify you

misinformation making us weary
evidence doctored supporting their theory
altering things which are best left unchanged
honoring those obviously deranged
pushing and pulling to throw us off track
so much red tape that we'll never get back
road blocks and detours to guide us off course
misguided leadership void of remorse

rewriting hist'ry refuting the past
omitting the science that doubts their forecast
true buried under false fact under fiction
faith and trust coated with dire prediction
fame is rewarded with scandalous humor
potential is worthy of slanderous rumor
hope and prosperity traded for crisis
privilege in exchange for sacrifices

fight! fight! fight!
critical mass
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2007
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics by jesse myers 2007
music by jesse myers and mike boss