Your bitterness toward this life has been hard earned
Hate and depression and loathing are learned
This love that you give them is never returned
This fire keeps you warm and these flames get you burned

Broken young harlot, please come back to Me
I’ll give back your life if your love is for Me
I’ll show you the world, the truth, reality
And the true truth, My truth, and My love you will see

Your seeking continues long into the night
The night which you live in, in fear, in your plight
The service you offer’s a fleeting delight
In the world you’ve been given it’s your god-given right

I can give you back Faith that you had as a child
A Faith that I know has been gone for a while
Hopes have been crushed and dreams have been defiled
As you wander in barrenness, lost in exile

Not quite a woman yet never a child
Love you give gently, that love gets denial
Burrowing deeper into this lifestyle
Looking for love every waking mile
Not yet a lady and never a bride
come and allow Me to stand at your side
so that I may give you what you’ve been denied
this love everlasting,
this warm touch inside
to fill you inside
for which I have died
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2002
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics by jesse myers 2002
music by jesse myers, brandon biggs,
aaron antis, and jake strasheim