it wastes away
I work out but my body is weak; I run but I am slow
I take classes I can’t remember; I learn but do not know
The clock unwinds; the gears stop turning
The battery dies; the fuel stops burning
All I do never lasts; all I’ve done is in the past
All my years I work all day; just so I can earn my pay
All I build rots and decays; all I earn it wastes away

Nothing ventured nothing gained
Nothing asked for no demands
When it is done nothing remains
Completing nothing of my plans
Once overflowing now spilled and drained
Nothing formed with these two hands
Nothing to boast of however vain
In the end nothing is man’s

New tires and brakes and change the oil
But still the engine needs replaced
Fresh produce guaranteed to spoil
All I consume reduced to waste
I pour my sweat into the soil
To harvest a crop I’ll never taste
Dedicated committed loyal
For this I’m defamed and disgraced

I rent a home I cannot keep
A desk a dresser and a bed
A place to eat a place to sleep
Hang up my clothes and hang my head
I’ll buy a house perhaps some land
Paint it fix it mow the yard
A day will come the house won’t stand
Fallen like a house of cards
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2010
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics and music by jesse myers 2010