i was like
I was like, I like you
And then you were like, you like me
And then I was like, that’s the way
I’ve always dreamt it would be

I saw you standing there
Pretty eyes and beautiful hair
With that scent that you always wear
And that’s what I was like
Approach I couldn’t dare
Rejection I couldn’t bear
So I’d stand back and I’d stare
And that’s what I was like

I never thought you would care
Solitude my nightmare
I knew we’d make the perfect pair
And that’s what I was like
You’re attractive in ways so rare
Your perfect smile, your skin so fair
My love for you I declare
And that’s what I was like

Is the way things are the way they’re meant to be
Is the guy you’re meant to be with really me
What have I done to earn this prosperity
To be blessed with all this beauty that I see
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2000/2007
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics and music by jesse myers 2000/2007