summer soldiers and sunshine patriots
remember that winter we went off to war
soldiers uncertain of what was in store
we stood by our values we stood by each other
shoulder to shoulder watching out for our brothers
remember that winter with no fear of dying
nothing worth hiding we gave up on lying
we went to a land far away and we fought
we fought so things could be the way that they ought

serving our country for all of mankind
we went into battle to win hearts and minds
hunting the ones who would have our demise
the ones who see us as wicked in their eyes
battling enemies in spirit and skin
we chose to survive and to conquer and win
into the turmoil we geared up and ran
and out of the chaos some order began

every man dies but not every man lives
my only regret i’ve got one life to give
i dug down into myself into my core
i found the strength to be a warrior
feeble and fumbling i did my part
i gave my all and gave all from my heart
stay with the cadence and keep on the track
and whatever happens DON'T EVER TURN BACK!

when death and destruction is seen all around
when everything is lost only losers are found
when all is uncertain and questions abound
beginning to doubt if your reasoning is sound
when freedom is free will the freedom endure
when love's given freely will that love be pure
when all that i do fails am i a failure
when bullets are airborne is anything sure
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2003/2013
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics and music by jesse myers 2003/2013