I wish that I was dumb
So that I wouldn’t catch on
To what you’re putting me through
I wish I was ignorant
So that I wouldn’t be hurt
By loving you
I wish that I was naïve
So that I wouldn’t know
So that I wouldn’t see
I wish I didn’t believe
That what I’m sensing is real
That you would do this to me

All your arrogance and pride
None of it is dignified
All the standards you let slide
Bury you in shame you cannot hide

Now you stand here such a bastard
Lies and deceit you have mastered
Finally I have at last heard
My problem is you’re a disaster

How could you have been so cruel
You broke my trust my only rule
You made me feel like such a fool
Broke your vows and want renewal

How could I be so retarded
Voluntarily outsmarted
Left my feelings so unguarded
Now I lie here broken-hearted

I’m dying inside about this
I can’t believe you lied about this
Night after night I’ve cried about this
Falling apart inside about this

I can’t believe I was right about this
When we talked last night about this
I guess I wasn’t too bright about this
Now we have to fight about this
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2007
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics and music by jesse myers 2007