perfect bomb
Is there purpose is there God
Is there cause or only effect
Is the surface a façade
Is your future yours to direct
I believe in why and how
I believe the reason’s clear
I believe the time is now
I believe the season’s here

You’re fighting for another’s cause
Defending someone else’s rights
Ignoring all the holes and flaws
A target locked within your sights
Your views are the only sight to be seen
The spinning cycle gyrates and twists
The ends will justify the means
Your ignorance begets your bliss

Authority you must defy
Rebel against the majority
What is truth define a lie
Fuel your animosity
Propaganda protest song
Black and white have turned to gray
You can’t be told what’s right or wrong
You’ll take offense without delay

refuse to care what others say
you can’t accept they might be wise
the price you can’t afford to pay
to learn the statistics were spun from lies
I’ll walk away and let it slide
Because you’re cynical of the proof
Good enough at least I tried
You’ve already picked your favorite truth

Can you trust, can you know, is it just, is it so
Perfect world, perfect life, perfect girl, perfect wife
perfect good, perfect bad, perfect bomb, what we had
lyrics copyright jesse myers 2005
music copyright after the mourning
lyrics by jesse myers 2005
music by jesse myers, brandon biggs,
aaron antis, and jake strasheim