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Jesse's Personal Thank You Page
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After the Mourning thanks our friends and families, who have been at our concerts when they have been free, and paid for tickets when there was a cover charge - friends and family who have paid for tickets to shows when they couldn't even make the trip to see us!

We thank our employers for giving us time off when we need it, coworkers for covering shifts when we couldn't get the time off, and musicians who have stood in for those of us who couldn't make it.

After the Mourning thanks the venues that have hosted us, bands who have played with us, and the fans who have moshed with us. Without you, the music falls flat on the floor. Believe me, we've had  shows without an audience, and they are disappointing. That said, thank you to anyone who successfully promotes a show. Without promoters, there are no audiences, and without audiences, the music is wasted.

To all family, friends, audiences, and venues, thank you for your support.

To The Living God, thank You for the strength to continue on when it seems there is no support from anyone else. Without a purpose, without a cause, without a direction, there would be no music to play and no reason to play it.